What Kind of Education is Best For Your Child? The Facts Don’t Lie

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A top priority for many parents is to provide their child with a high quality education. And it should be. Starting in preschool, creating a solid education path for a child ensures a bright and successful future. For example, studies show that when children attend preschool, perform better on kindergarten math and reading tests at a rate of 21%. This higher level performance will follow them through middle school, to high school, and eventually to a prestigious university. While it’s never too late to provide a bright future for your child, the earlier the better.
With this knowledge comes an immense amount of pressure for parents. Is their district’s public school system able to provide their child with the proper education, catered to their needs and aspirations? While many a child in the public school system go on to prestigious universities and achieve their life goals, it can be difficult for many children to find their place in so large a school. This can result in a “little fish in a big pond” kind of mentality, where even if the child has exceptional academic attributes, being among a large pool of individuals makes it difficult for them to stand out and reach their full potential.
For children who are looking for specialized attention and accolade for their academic talents, private school may be the best schooling option. Firstly, private schools are drastically smaller than public schools; approximately 86% of private schools have less than 300 enrolled students. Smaller class sizes enables children to get the personalized educational attention they sometimes require to thrive. In private high schools, this results in higher SAT scores, which provides them with more university attendance options. Students with private education achieve an average of 50 points higher in each section, as opposed to public schools. These numbers don’t lie, and they tell us that children are achieving higher within private institutions.
When choosing the path for your child’s education, it’s important to think about their needs and do what is best for their future.