Get Your Kids Active While Having Fun!

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If you’re a parent, taking care of your kids is important to you. You want them to eat well, sleep well, get a good education, and most of all, be happy. Your child’s health is at the root of all of these things. Unfortunately, today the average child spends close to eight hours a day in front of the screen of either a TV, computer, or smart device. Only a third of children in the U.S. are active on a daily basis. But all hope is not lost! There are several enticing ways to get your child or children away from the screen and toward a more active lifestyle year-round.

Summer Camp for Kids.

One of the best ways to keep your kids happy and healthy is by getting them involved in active, social activities and classes. There are several fun activities for kids in the summer. Summer camp is a great way to immerse your child in a social atmosphere with peers when school isn’t in session. The most common and popular summer camp activities are swimming, archery, rope climbing, arts and crafts, and aquatic activities.

Aside from the physical and mental nature of all these activities, they also have a social aspect. Summer camps foster an environment in which kids can cooperate, learn from each other, and form social bonds that help them grow as individuals in society. Summer camps can also strengthen the bonds between children and parents, since more than 40% of summer camps offer family sessions. Each year more than 11 million kids and adults attend a summer camp.

Indoor Children Activities.

Summer isn’t the only time for kids to get physically and mentally active. Even in the dead of winter there are a ton of things out there for kids and families to do! Children craft activities, art and music classes, and dance lessons are great examples of fun and simulating activities for kids to enjoy year-round. You might consider swimming lessons for your kids, which can be held in an indoor pool. Purchasing a membership at your local recreation center is another option for getting your children involved with fun physical and social activities such as indoor intramural sports and yoga.

Fun Party Places for Kids.

You can get your kids active on any occasion–especially birthday parties and other celebrations. The best parties are held in places that encourage physical and social activity. Some fun party places for kids include indoor sports centers with batting cages, soccer fields, basketball courts, and go karts. For younger kids, indoor and outdoor playgrounds provide a great atmosphere for activity and cooperation. Bounce houses, bowling lanes, ice skating rinks, and canoe or kayak rental businesses are all examples of fun party places for kids.