Middle School is No Time to Get Lost!


Can you think back to your middle school years? If you are old enough they might have even been called junior high years. No matter what they are named, the grades of fifth throughout eighth grade tend to be some of the most challenging times for students. Although large public middle schools divide students into teams in an attempt to offer a smaller group of students more opportunity to get to know a smaller group of staff members, middle school students can sometimes still get lost in the shuffle. If you are looking for the very best educational opportunity for your student you might decide to send your child to one of the 24% of private schools that enroll nearly 10% of all preschool through high school senior students. In fact, a top private middle school might be just what your family is looking for.
One of the advantages of a top private middle school is size. Most private schools have fewer than 300 students. This enrollment size in 85% of the private schools in the country helps to ensure that your middle school student will get the attention he or she deserves. Private middle schools are specially advantageous if you live in a large city. Private schools have 1.5 times the enrollment in large cities than they do in public schools.
In addition to size, a top private middle school can provide a safe environment. A Frazier Institute study of parents found that 72% of parents who enroll their children in private schools said they felt their students were safe during the school day.
Even though private schools have smaller enrollment, the very top private middle school choices still offer a wide variety of opportunities for your child. Honors program offerings in a variety of subjects will fill your student’s schedule. The school library will provide both traditional book resources and computer technology. Some private schools are even pioneering the practice of equipping all students with a tablet for textbook access and internet research. Along with the strong academics, many top private middle school programs also offer student athletes qualified coaches and a variety of sports.
If you are a family who started your children off right by being part of the 21% of preschool students who did better in math and reading in Kindergarten, and if you are a family who is thinking about sending your child to a private high school because it will likely be half the size of a public high school, doesn’t it make sense that the important middle school years should also be spent in a top private middle school?