How Employee Sponsored Child Care Hits Two Birds With One Stone

Employer sponsored child care benefits

It can be a challenge to maintain a population of skilled productive workers. As people’s families grow and their needs change they are often left with choices between priorities. For working parents, a constant challenge is finding a daycare that is convenient and provides quality care. Luckily, today, many employers are taking the initiative to respond to this work-life challenge by offering employer sponsored child care benefits.

Corporate daycare facilities are on-site child care facilities that are sponsored or subsidized by companies, usually exclusively for the use of their employees. That way, employees have a convenient, quality option that bridges the gap between their responsibilities at work and those at home. Many corporate daycare facilities are run by independent contractors that staff the centers with their own employees and the company will usually subsidize the cost of the corporate childcare facility, helping parents to pay for the daycare services. Offering corporate childcare to employees does so much more than make employees lives easier, they’re actually improving their productivity (not to mention their reputation).

What does corporate child care do for a company?

  • It makes a company desirable. Employer sponsored child care benefits not only makes an employer more desirable to potential employees, it also aids in the retention of current employees.
  • It increases a company’s productivity. Corporate child care results in increased retention, higher productivity and reduced absenteeism. It increases employee loyalty and decreases maternity leaves, improving on-job concentration.
  • There are a variety of employer sponsored child care programs that are available in the market today, making it a more accessible goal for companies looking for a program that best suits their needs. supporting the retention of employees, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity, these programs generate a substantial return on investment. Both employees and employers benefit from corporate child care solutions. It addresses an issue for both parties and provides added benefits to the community and future workforce.