The Gerald T. Parks Memorial Foundation was established to assist in the restoration and advancement of health care facilities (i.e. military health care facilities). This website was created to help people become aware and involved with our foundation’s efforts to raise funds and awareness for the men and women that serve the U.S. military that need the best health care possible. We are passionate about health care and helping the amazing women and men that serve the U.S. military to receive the best health care treatment, which starts with providing them with great facilities.

The insights that you’ll find on our website will educate you on health care, what you can do to get involved with The Gerald T. Parks Memorial Foundation, and the importance of having great health care facilities for Americans, especially people that serve the U.S. military. One of the primary goals of The Gerald T. Parks Memorial Foundation is to partner up with companies that have freedoms that we enjoy that the U.S. military continues to protect and companies that share an affinity for the United States military. You should follow and stay connected with our website.

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