Mommy and Me Classes are a Win-Win All Around

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Are you sitting on the fence about enrolling in mommy and me classes for you and your little one? It’s not really as much of a gamble as it may seem on the surface, especially considering that so many of them are offered for free. Look online and in local print publications, on coffee shop bulletin boards and make a little list of all the options. Local Montessori schools may also be a resource. While you weight out the options, keep in mind this basic list of benefits from mommy and me classes that should have you resting easy that you’re making a good choice.
This is an excellent opportunity for essential bonding early on it your child’s life. You’ll also instill a feeling of security between you and your child in a public space while also promoting positive activities (music, exercise, dancing, yoga).
Most mommy and me classes will accentuate some forms of motor skills and cognitive skills. Additionally, this is an early chance to help them develop reasoning skills, self control, and strength.
Being Social
Mommy and me classes are a social opportunity, both for you to meet like-minded moms, going through many of the same things that you are, but also for your child to begin learning how to interact with other children in a public space. Additionally, this helps combat what many stay-at-home mothers characterize as a lonely time in their lives, sometimes exacerbated by postpartum depression.
School Prep
The sooner your child gets used to sharing space with other children, the better prepared he or she will be for the trials of school. Knowing how to share, how to participate, how to follow directions, how to play fairly, understanding structure — these are all potential take-aways from mommy and me classes, and can help reduce the anxieties involved in entering school for both parents and children/
Confidence and Health Consciousness
Confidence is important for both mother and child. Especially after giving birth, there’s a period of reintegration that can be tough for some mothers. Physical activity increases positive energy, will make you feel better about the way you look and improve outlook and attitude. Kids benefit not only from all the same things, but also from a life-lesson learned early on that they mioght just remember as parents themselves.
Mommy and me classes are a win all around, and hopefully this list drives that point home. Kids that are used to the format will adjust to children craft activities, fun activities for after school programs and fun activities for kids in the summer with much greater ease going forward, so you really have nothing to lose.
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