Three Ways You Might Be Studying Wrong and How to Fix Them

Studying tips for exams

Studying for tests is simple, right? You just bust out your college test prep materials, read them over and over again, quiz yourself, and you’re good to go.

Thought that is certainly one way to do college test prep review, it’s probably not the most efficient. Every student is different, and learns differently. Some students like to see material represented visually, others need to write things out, while still others need to hear the material explained in new ways to learn it thoroughly.

Find out which type of learner you are, and then use these tips to help you make more efficient use of your college test prep time.

If You’re a Visual Learner…

Visual learners, as the name implies, learn best by seeing materials. They learn best when they can remember an image for a word or concept, and respond well to presentations. Visual learners should make themselves graphs and charts, powerpoint presentations of the material, flash cards, and highlight text as they rad.

If You’re a Read-Write Learner…

Read-write learner work best when they’re writing things out. What’s interesting about these students is that it’s not the notes that help them, but the actual act of writing them. If you’re a read-write learner, take notes, put those notes into your own words, create succinct bulleted lists, and write out questions as your read to get more college test prep done.

If You’re an Auditory Learner

Read-write learner, you learn by listening and verbalizing information. These students should either read their notes aloud, or explain the material to someone else. If you’re a read-write learner, youd also be wise to take college test prep tutoring sessions. There, they can hear the material spoken to them, record the college test prep sessions to listen to later on, and also discuss the material with the instructor. Mnemonic devices are also very useful tools to these students, too.

Whether you need to study for ACTs, SATs, or GREs, these college test prep habits will get your brain in shape for their rigors. If you have any questions, or any other studying tips for exams to offer, feel free to share in the comments!