Three Bigs Bonuses of Kid’s Activities

Toddlers playground

Enrichment class are meant to do just that – enhance the life and character of your children. Every kid learns reading, writing and math but exposing your child to a variety of extra curricular will give them a creative outlet and help them feel more confident in their uniqueness. There are all types of after school programs – arts, sciences, organized sports. No matter what kind of program you little ones are engaged in, there is a lot to gain from enrolling them in extra activities.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that children should get around 60 minutes of physical activity to stay at a healthy weight. Whether you’re in mommy and me fitness classes or educational summer activities for kids, programs geared toward children generally emphasize movement. Your childs “workout” shouldn’t really look like yours. The CDC says kids should get age appropriate workouts which include dance classes or playground time. These kinds of activities encourage aerobics, bone strength and muscle strength.
Creativity is vastly underrated. Creative people are better at problem solving and they often bring something to the table that no one else can. Summer art activities for kids and even some types of after school programs like art and dance can sharpen your kids imagination and creative abilities. Creative kids are more likely to think for themselves and feel confident. It’s a good trait to invest in.
Off Screen Time.
I’m sure it’s no surprise that most children in the United States spend around 7.5 hours in front of a TV or computer. Any types of after school programs are a good way to keep this from happening. Screen time is no good for development or physical health. It’s best to cut screen time out where possible.
Sure, children need much more than exercise, creativity and shortened screen time to nurture them, but that’s a good start. Play and learn classes encourage health and growth – you won’t regret it!