Wrenches for Professional Plumbers

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Expert plumbers have a variety of tools at their disposal. This video explains a variety of wrenches that plumbers use to make their jobs easier and improve the plumbing in the homes of their clients.

Plumbers often need to access nuts, bolts, and pipes in hard-to-reach areas underneath sinks. A Basin Wrench has an adjustable head that gives the plumber room to actually turn the wrench. Some even come with a light attachment to help in dark areas.

Nowadays, faucets are designed to be much friendlier to homeowners to allow them to get some of the plumbing they need without modular tools. Brass nuts have been replaced with plastic nuts that can break under the force of traditional Basin wrenches.

A new type of modular wrench has been manufactured to allow for the same ease of movement in tight spaces, but with a better grip for plastic nuts. It looks like a pepper grinder and can fit any sized nut in your home.

You generally need three sizes of wrench for the pipes closest to the sinks. However, it’s very helpful to have a modular wrench when it comes to unusual nuts and bolts. For more information on plumbing tools that expert plumbers carry with them, click on the link to the video above.