Teaching Hacks to Save Time in the Classroom

Being a student is no easy task, and as you can imagine, neither is being a teacher. Between hectic children, strict schedules, and hardly having time to eat lunch, teachers are often looking for any way to save precious time in the day. Unfortunately, a majority of teachers find themselves working outside of school hours, spending long nights organizing curriculums and making preparations for class. One of the most time-consuming parts of being a teacher is grading. If you don’t have a simple cut-and-dry method of grading, it can take hours to give a child’s work the attention it deserves.

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In this video, we’ll look at some simple ways to ensure that grading time goes quickly and easily.

One of the main ways to prevent hours of grading time is to simply not grade everything in the classroom! Not every project needs a special grade, so incorporate plenty of participatory grades into your curriculum. In the same way, you can have some projects that utilize peer-editing or student grading. Have everyone switch papers after a spelling quiz and hand out answer keys. Not only does it save time for you, it’s a fun mind exercise for your students.