What to Expect From Musical Theater Summer Camp

Summer Camp is an exciting time for many young kids. They’re spending their days taking on new activities that spark their interest, making life-long friends, and learning more about themselves and who they want to be when they’re older. One of the top choices for kids are choosing to attend is a musical theater summer camp. CTV 11 visited one of those summer camps at the University Center for the Arts.

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During their exciting time at the week-long musical theater summer camp, the young kids work with college students to create their plays that get showcased to their parents at the end of the week. They do it all — create the actual play, write the song lyrics, design the set and props, and more!

It’s a great place where kids can get creative and spend their summer doing an activity they honestly enjoy. Not only that, but the college students working as counselors learn more about running a play as each week features a new batch of kids taking part in the summer program.

For more information on what to expect from a musical theater camp summer program, click on the video we have linked above.