What Are Ecotoxicology Studies?

Ecotoxicology is a complex subject involving the study of the effects various toxic chemicals can have on biological systems. It is largely about the prevention of pollution and its management. Of course, there is a lot that goes into understanding this subject. That’s why the team at Master Ecotoxicology has put together this informative video to help.

After viewing the video, you will have a basic understanding of what Ecotoxicology is and how it relates to you.

What Are Ecotoxicology Studies?

According to the British Toxicology Society, Ecotoxicology is “the study of the toxic effects of chemicals on the aquatic and terrestrial environment.”

As they explain, an ecotoxicologist endeavors to understand and (under ideal conditions to predict) in what way and to what degree an unwanted natural event will affect an ecosystem and the living things that depend on that ecosystem.

In many cases, this type of research is about conservationism. But it can also be about securing the safety and well-being of human habitations whether currently in existence or planned.

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Exotoxicologists are typically involved in tracing and tracking the metabolism, movement, and accumulation of synthetic and natural toxins or chemicals as they make their way through various food chains.