What Can Kids Learn From Online Science Experiments?

Learning has taken a turn in the last decade. The rise of the online learning course is allowing people the world over to learn what they like, on their time, and on their terms. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that about 73% of adults believe in lifelong learning. But what can people really learn online, outside of a college course? Apparently, the answer is quite a lot.

Why Use the Internet For Learning? Why Not Use a Traditional Classroom?

The world has changed. We are changing with it. One of these exciting changes is the democratization of ideas. Learning is not confined to a classroom with four walls and a ceiling with blinking fluorescent lights. It can be done in the comfort of your home. Learning can actually fit into your life.

Science Experiments For Kids Online.

Most kids love science. Or more accurately, kids love science experiments. To be even more precise, kids generally love to make a big mess. Dry science lectures are not exciting for them. They need to see the science happening, so to speak. An egg dropping into a bottle, or a volcano erupting makes the lesson tangible. The minds of kids have trouble with theories that are abstract.

It’s a great thing for parents that there are science experiments for kids online. In the U.S., science classes are diminishing each decade and year to year in some cases. But science experiments for kids online are an opportunity for kids to learn at home on their time. This could be a great entertainment option during the slow afternoons of summer vacation.

Why Are the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics So Important to Education?

The STEM disciplines, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, are often touted as being good for future job plans. In fact, STEM jobs are expected to grow by 13% between 2017 to 2027 according to some estimates. Also, 93% of STEM majors out of 100 earn a wage above the national average.

If the job outlook for STEM majors is so promising, why might there be a shortage of students? The reasons are actually fairly simple. It takes grit to learn one of the STEM disciplines, especially mathematics. The truth is that kids need to learn good learning strategies from a young age. They need to have a growth mindset that allows for failure, but keeps moving forward in purpose.

Can Children Learn Through Online Courses?

Some kids need a little extra support in their schooling. Learning actually requires us to practice some key principles. These include perseverance, curiosity, grit, and a dedication to self-improvement. These might seem like very grown-up ideals for kids to take on, yet it is important to learn these traits early.

Pulling up science experiments for kids online is fun for an afternoon. It does not replace a whole school science courses. Its purpose is to fill in the gaps. These might be areas where the kids are unclear, or to help them even understand how a science class unfolds. They can become better prepared for future classes by experiencing them at home first.

Online learning is developing at a brisk pace. There are courses over just about anything, and kids’ interests are not being left out. What is interesting is how online courses can actually help children develop better computer skills and prepare themselves for the topics they will cover in school. Online classes are not yet suitable for kids as they are for adults. But the future of learning is expanding.