Stop Worrying About Childcare This Summer With the Help of Summer Camps

Summer can often be a stressful time for working parents. What to do with the kids while you’re at work? Babysitting is lucrative for teens, but tough on parents who need daily care for their kids. Checking out locally owned and operated professional childcare centers in your area and summer camps are two options to alleviate some of that stress and worry. Plus, both offer your children the chance to make new friends, learn new skills, and keep their minds active and engaged while school isn’t in session. Choosing child care is an important decision, so of course you want to be sure that you’re looking at the best daycare center or summer camp by you. Let’s discuss the advantages of each, why you should consider these options, and what you might expect from them.

Daycare Versus Summer Camp

Daycare might be familiar to your child, especially if it’s used through the school year. They’ll have trusted child care professionals who you likely have worked with before and may offer some summer programs in addition to the services they provide during the academic year. Your child may also have friends attending the daycare during the summer and want to see them.

Summer camp can be another great option, whether it’s a day camp or a sleep away camp. Your child will likely be exposed to new children, which helps strengthen their ability to adapt to a new situation and meet new people. Summer camps are also usually better equipped for activities — both active and creative — and may offer a more flexible schedule for parents. Some summer camps may even pick up or drop the child off, which for some working parents can be a godsend.

Why Should I Be Looking at Daycare Centers or Summer Camps for My Child?
The Center for American Progress reports that less than one in three kids have a parent who stays at home full-time. Likely you are in need of some childcare options while you’re at work, especially if you have a partner who also works full-time.

Furthermore, many teachers mourn the fact that children’s minds sit idle during the summer — it’s a long time to take a break from the rigors of the academic year. Some activity for your child over the summer is important to ensure that they’re ready to jump back into the school year. Daycare centers and summer camps can certainly help with this. If your child shows an interest in a particular area, there might also be summer camps that specialize in those fields. Math camps, writing camps, and more abound.

They’re also a great way for your child to stay active, with plenty of play time and outdoor activities. Summer camps may offer an array of things like hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, and organized sports like soccer or kickball.

Daycare centers and summer camps also offer your child a chance to socialize, make new friends, and be exposed to experiences that they might not receive at home or school.

What Can I Expect My Child to Get Out of These Programs?
Hopefully your child will come away with new skills and interests introduced or honed by the programs run by the daycare center or summer camp. They will also make new friends, be in a structured, safe setting, and stay active throughout the summer months. If they’re in a summer camp for a specific skill, they might come away with freshly honed talents or a new perspective on things.

Though the transition can sometimes be difficult, especially for younger children and if it’s their first time away, they’re likely to come back brimming with stories, experiences, and news to share. You can rest easy knowing that professionals are looking after your child and that your child is gaining new and valuable experiences.

Don’t spend more time worrying about what to do with your child this summer. Look around your area for local daycare centers or summer camps and talk to your child about what he or she might be interested in doing.