Four Benefits of Prekindergarten Education


Every parent wants the best for their child. One way to ensure your child receives the best education is through enrolling in voluntary pre-k. One study finds that every $2-4 invested in preschool programs returns an ROI of about $150 billion over the lifetimes of the enrolled children. It’s easy to wonder what the exact benefits of enrolling your child in early education are. In this post, you will learn the four benefits of enrolling your child in pre kindergarten.

  1. Great for Learning Basics

    Prekindergarten is a great way to have your child prepared for upcoming school work. Children enrolled in early childhood education are taught basic skills. These skills involve learning new words, numbers, and how to solve problems. Your child will have a major head start when kindergarten officially begins. Teachers are able to assess the learning skills of your child. Knowing how your child learns is a must when developing individualized learning plans. These plans allow your student to be taught in the most effective way.

  2. Lets Your Child Develop Early Communication Skills

    Every parent knows the importance of a play date. You want your child to interact well with other children. Enrolling your child in pre k allows them to talk with a room full of new classmates. Having friends helps your child develop an early sense of self-esteem. In turn, these early friendships may continue if the two children are enrolled in the same kindergarten class. The more early friends a child starts out with, the more they will continue to have as school progresses. One study finds that 23.4% of children who are under five are in either day care, nurseries, or preschool programs.

  3. Helps to Reduce the Chance of Being Held Back

    Children that are unable to pass course work for a specific grade can be held back. The student will be forced to repeat the same grade over again until they reach a passing score. Being held back is often frustrating for both students and parents. You don’t want your child to lose the friendships and classmates they’ve gained. Enrolling your child in voluntary pre-k helps them to always be prepared for coursework of the future. Having a strong understanding of learning fundamentals gives your child a lot of preparation for future school work.

  4. Providing Daytime Care for Your Child

    The days of parents being able to stay at home with their children aren’t always possible. The modern age means both parents often find themselves working. Couples with young children may need them to be cared for while they’re at work. Voluntary pre-k is a great solution for busy parents. Enrolling your child in voluntary pre-k will have them learning what they will use in upcoming years. In turn, you have a place to safely leave your child while you go to work.

In closing, there are several benefits of pre kindergarten education. Prekindergarten will help prepare your child for upcoming school classes. The learning foundations a child receives in voluntary pre-k include basic writing, reading, and communication skills. Your child is able to talk with fellow classmates in these classes. Early communication works well for starting new friendships. Learning is very important in voluntary pre-k classes. One study finds that 700 new neural connections are formed per second during the early years of a child’s life. Enrolling a child in pre kindergarten will ensure they are educated and fully prepared for next year’s courses.