Looking Forward to the First Day of Kindergarten

Letting your child go to that first day of preschool was tough. For some of us, the first day of kindergarten can be even tougher. That’s because your little one will be even more aware of the possible pressures.

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With them and their peers older, the dynamics will be more intense.

If you and your child are feeling a bit apprehensive, that’s understandable. Fortunately, there are great resources available online like the USD 385 – Andover Public Schools YouTube channel.

They provide a terrific overview of the first day of kindergarten in the Andover school system. You’re sure to learn a lot! Be sure to watch What is the First Day of Kindergarten Like, and read on to learn more.

Looking Forward to the First Day of Kindergarten
The first key to making that first day as smooth as possible, make sure to read all the material the school sends home. Attend orientations, and do your best to communicate with your child’s teachers and school administration as much as possible.

Andover Public Schools do everything in their power to make sure parents and children know what to expect. And our professional educators will always do their best to ensure your expectations are met.

Make sure to watch the video for more details!.