Four Ways to Attract High Quality Educators

Nationwide school staffing

A lot relies on staffing experienced and qualified teachers. State funding is given based on student counts. Student counts are influenced by the quality of the school system. Even the local real estate market can be affected by the overall quality of the school. With reduced school budget plans and difficult school staffing practices, it can be tough to get quality educators today.

Connect with local universities

A great way to obtain new teachers is through local universities. New graduates are looking for both experience and full time careers. By offering them a job, you can begin to shape them into a quality educator. You can even offer internship and residency opportunities to students. If the students enjoyed their experience in the school, they are more likely to seek employment upon graduation. One of the advantages of using new graduates is that they are often more motivated and state laws and best practices are still fresh.

Use school staffing agencies

If you rely on local job posting boards, you could be missing out on many qualified candidates. Working with school staffing agencies, however, can expand your options. As students graduate from teaching college, or when they decide that they want to switch schools, they often list with local education staffing agencies. These education staffing agencies can provide schools in need with many teachers to choose from. The agency also acts as an agent, connecting job opportunities with teachers that meet their specific needs.

School staffing agencies are also beneficial for filling other important school roles such as counselors, principals, or student assistants. Half of the public school workforce is made up of teachers. The other 50% are guidance counselors, nurses, speech therapists, and etc. The specific workforce is often decided by the current student needs. Many school staffing professionals may be unfamiliar with how to hire the best speech therapists or counselors, and using a school staffing agency can be an effective way to fill needed roles.

Ask for volunteers

Current teachers often feel overwhelmed and overworked. It is possible that with enough assistance, your current employers can improve their skill. Although educators require special skills and education, you can use the services of volunteers to help in busy classrooms. You will find that many parents of enrolled children are willing to help out when needed. Asking for volunteers during test days or on site exams can be especially helpful.

According to the National Commission on Vision and Health, one in four children between the ages of five and 17 have a vision problem. Studies show that 79% of children have not visited an eye care provider in the past 12 months. Introducing children to these on site exams can be helpful in improving their care. However, volunteers are often needed to effectively complete these preparation programs.

Offer teacher incentives

With reduced school budgets, it can be difficult to attract high quality teachers. However, offering new teachers other types of incentives can be useful. Even if you are unable to offer them a raise in income, you can provide them with better health care, vehicle expenses, or bonuses in the form of vacations or gift certificates. Incentive programs can be especially helpful. Offer bonuses or prizes to those teachers that receive the highest scores or test numbers.

A declining school system affects much more than the education of the student. While the quality of education of the student is the most important, other important factors are also affected, including the local housing market, the schools rating, and the amount of funding that the school receives. Even with declining school budgets, it is possible to attract and hire qualified educators. Offering incentive programs, hiring right out of college, and using parent volunteers to reduce workloads can be helpful in increasing school ratings.