Are You Looking for an Educational Opportunity for Your Young Child?

Spanish for preschools

Solar Eclipse 2017 was a success. After traveling south and east two hours to get into the line of totality, your 16 year old daughter and her two friends were only slight disappointed that it was cloudy during the moment of totality, but hey were ecstatic that there were out of school for the day and in a place that experienced total darkness. The clouds cleared on several occasions so that the girls were able to get more than their fair share of sightings and photos.
Now that the excitement of the big day was over, though, it was time to transition from totality to reality. And the reality is that two of the three girls had a Spanish quiz to make up tomorrow morning before school. So with the excitement of the solar eclipse still very much on their minds, the girls prepared to study. In a rather tight fit of three of them sitting in the back seat, the Spanish studying began as the girls prepared to take their first graded assessment of the junior year in this class. Operating on a block schedule that mean only four classes met a day, also means that it had been a full semester since they had been in their foreign language class. The fact that both of these girls, however, had been studying the language since they started in the Spanish curriculum for elementary school meant that they were fairly confident that they could handle the beginning of the year assessment.
Studying a Foreign Language at an Early Age Adds to the Value of That Study
Spanish for preschoolers is an increasingly popular option for students across America. In fact, preschool Spanish lessons are a competitive offering that sets some schools apart from their competition. And while there are a few parents who are still willing to settle for a mere babysitting experience for their children, the greater trend is for families to look for strong educational opportunities for even their youngest children.

  • According to the latest census reports, Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world. With 387 million native speakers, more people on earth, in fact, speak Spanish than English. As such, the opportunities for Spanish speakers across the globe continue to increase.
  • Spanish is the official language of as many as 21 countries across the world, countries that are home to many fun and exquisite travel destinations.
  • The first eight years of life, children have the gift of naturally acquiring language skills. They learn primarily through imitation and repetition, including games and songs.
  • Research shows that children who speak a second language can learn a third language much faster.
  • One indicator of a great preschool is a place that offers several academic opportunities in addition to play.
  • No time is too soon to consider the value of your child’s education.
  • Getting a tour of a school where foreign language and other academics are stressed is motivating.
  • Some parents feel that a Spanish curriculum for elementary school students is an indicator that a district has made a commitment to offering the youngest students the skills that they will need to be successful in life.
  • The preschool decisions you make can impact a child’s later success.
  • Academics, combined with an opportunity to spend time outdoors playing is a great early education environment.
  • Research shows that some time between ages eight and 12, children lose the ability to hear and reproduce new sounds. This makes foreign language acquisition not impossible, but more difficult, than when they were younger.
  • The decision about where to send your children to school is a decision that will have many implications. Finding a public district or a private setting that offer Spanish curriculum for elementary school students at a young age can be a major advantage.

Getting a STRONG START for your child’s academic success is essential in today’s competitive world. From finding a preschool that offers an introduction to a foreign languages to enrolling in a district that offers Spanish curriculum for elementary school students, a rich and varied introduction to a foreign language helps prepare children for the diversity that is today’s global marketplace. Taking the time to find the right preschool is academically and socially beneficial.