If you are looking to figure out what your next career move might be, why not think about becoming an emt? There are many benefits to being an emt one of them being that you get to save people’s lives every single day. In this video, we follow a young emt doing their rounds and we get to see what type of night this emt has. First of all, there is a lot of prep involved. This involves making sure you have all of the correct materials for any situation you might run into, along with making sure that your tools are all working. After these checks are performed, you are on call for the rest of your shift.

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Basically, as things come up, you have to decide whether the person needs help on the spot or if they can be taken to a hospital, which is what happens more often than not. If you want to become an emt, there are a couple of classes that you need to take, including your ashi VA emts need to take in order to get licensed in the state of Virginia.