Tips For Choosing Your Paver

Pavers are another name for paving stones. They look better than just using concrete. In the long run, it’s recommended to hire professional concrete paving services to get the job done right the first time, rather than doing it yourself. Here are tips for choosing pavers and concrete paving surfaces from Steve Romine, owner of Pavement Services.

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What kind of weather do you have? If you have harsh weather, then do not choose brick pavers, as water easily gets into them. They will need to be replaced often. Instead, choose concrete.

Pavers come in wild patterns, colors, and shapes. Be sure to choose pavers that do not clash with what you already have. Avoid using solid colored edges if you want multi-colored pavers, because this makes a loud clash, similar to choosing to wear plaid and striped clothes together.

When choosing a contractor, make sure the business has liability insurance. This protects you if a worker should get injured on your property. Many states require contractors to be licensed. Check with your state’s licensing board to see if paving contractors need to be licenced. If so, see if the contractor is licensed. If possible, go visit a completed job from a contractor to see what their work is like.