Convenient and Affordable Daycare Solutions

Childcare in the workplace

During the beginning years of a baby’s life, they will absorb more information than in the rest of their lifetime. This crucial period of growth often occurs not only in the home, but also in some form of daycare. With more and more families needing both parents to head off to work, finding the right daycare is so important.

When choosing childcare, you will want to consider all of your options. Some people feel more comfortable bringing someone into their home to give their child one on one attention. This has both its pluses and minuses. Other options include sending your child to a private day care, or choosing an employer sponsored childcare program.

Corporate child care often provides social interaction for your child, a specific learning curriculum, and follows your states regulations. It is important for children to have interactions with both peers and adults at an early age. The average two year old will learn five new words each and every day. The right day care providers can foster these learning experiences.

Two year olds are also the most active they will ever be, so there are several questions you should ask when selecting a daycare. If you are choosing an employer sponsored childcare program, you will likely find they are in compliance with state regulations. However, you should still do your homework, and ask questions such as the teacher to child ratios and room security measures.

Another one of the major concerns when choosing childcare is the cost. Typically, parents are responsible for 90% of the cost of daycare in the U.S. However, there is a better option. If you choose your employer sponsored childcare, they will usually subsidize the cost. This is a great way to secure some savings on this major expense.

If you are concerned about sacrificing quality and safety for the affordability of employer sponsored childcare, don’t worry too much. These on-site, subsidized facilities are usually for employee use only. In addition, they are typically run by independent contractors with their own specially trained staff. They are as regulated, if not more regulated, than any other facility.

Start doing a little research online, and make a choosing a daycare checklist. Take your list to a few different facilities and compare before signing a contract. The extra work you put in will be worth your piece of mind.