Three Reasons Smaller Class Sizes are the Way to Go

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Providing your child with the best education is likely one of your top priorities. You probably want to find high quality teachers, a rich curriculum, and a safe community in which your child can grow and flourish.

Often times, this means that a private school is the way to go. Private elementary schools are touted for their student-centered approach, and smaller class sizes. In the debate of private versus public schools, many educators feel that with less students in one classroom, students have greater one-on-one attention, and can therefore learn better.

The reduction in class size is one of the greatest advantages of private schools. Here are a few reasons why fewer children equals increased success.

  1. Tests. When children are able to work with a teacher individually, it often gives them a higher chance of scoring well on tests and exams. They can study the material, ask plenty of questions during class, and even seek out the teacher during the day. This can often be difficult in a public school setting, as there are usually more than 20 students in a classroom, and the teacher may not have time to answer student questions during a lesson.
  2. Economics. Studies from the National Education Policy Center suggest that by saving money by increasing class sizes, more money will be spent in the long run for social and educational reasons. In other words, with the decreased attention students receive in larger classrooms, they are less likely to achieve success in school, spurring further educational spending in the future.
  3. Self-Confidence. There is nothing more debilitating as a student than sitting in a classroom, completely confused, and unable to get clarification from a teacher. In a public setting, children are more likely to feel this way with less attention from the teacher. In a private school, students feel more comfortable speaking up, and teachers often have more time to clarify the material. This effectively increases a student’s self-confidence.

Small class sizes are just one of the advantages of private schools
, but it is what allows the rest of the curriculum to speak for itself.

Even though these schools can be expensive, there are private school grants and private school scholarships that are awarded to deserving students. So don’t worry about the cost, just keep your focus on giving your child the best education possible.

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