Why You Should Send Your Child to Daycare

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Do you feel guilty about putting your child in a day care business? You shouldn’t! More and more working parents are choosing a day care business for their young children, due to time constraints and other factors. National statistics show that over 80% of kids have spent some amount of time in day care by the age of 4. Summer child care is especially popular for slightly older children who are out of school, but whose parents must still work. There are multiple benefits for your child when they attend child care facilities. Of course, you want to know how to find good daycare and what factors go into choosing a daycare.
Benefits of Daycare

  • Education Goals

According to studies, children who go to preschool or attend a day care business are about 24% likelier to go to a four-year college. Learning (and the love of learning!) starts at an early age and you want to help foster that from the beginning. Additionally, children who go to day care are less likely to repeat grades later on in their academic career and will most likely not need special education.

  • Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

It’s also been found that kids who partake in early education programs such as daycare or preschool grow up healthier and better off financially than children who did not attend early education programs. Additionally, these children have better chances of owning a home, getting a job, and making at least $5,000 more annually than their peers who did not attend these early education programs.

  • Social Etiquette

Children learn how to interact with their peers in places like daycare and the primary benefit of daycare is often the social aspects and interactions they partake in over the course of the day. Children learn appropriate behavior around adults and their peers.
Choosing the Daycare That’s Right For You
It’s important to go to a few different daycares in your area to see how they fit with you and your child. Meet the instructors or care providers who work there. Some main things you’ll want to look for are cleanliness, a structured program, fun and educational activities, and an overall kid-friendly facility. Talk to other parents who have similarly aged children as you and see where they’re sending their kids! It might even be an opportunity to carpool.
Sending your child to day care can have many positive benefits for your child. It lets you go to work worry-free, knowing your child is in safe hands, gaining educational and social skills. Additionally, the cost of daycare may be less expensive than hiring a babysitter and it will save you the hassle of trying to juggle work hours. Continue reading here.