Why is Childcare in the Workplace a Great Idea?

Companies with onsite childcare

While it is the responsibility of an employee to arrive at work on time, produce quality work for their company, and help create a dynamic, productive and fun work space, it is the employer who has the greater duty to the employee. In order to elicit the high quality type of work they want and need from their workers, providing a safe work space, reasonable hours and expectations, as well as additional support like health insurance and retirement plans are important.

More and more, the additional help provided by employers has been for childcare, which can put a considerable strain on parents, children and the employers of those stressed out parents. Corporate childcare facilities, which are on-site childcare facilities that are sponsored or subsidized by the company, usually exclusively for the use of their employees, can really change the name of the game for workers tired of maintaining complicated childcare schedules.

When employers provide childcare at work, they not only make their company more tempting for incoming talent, but they raise retention rates among current employees that might be struggling to take care of their families. Childcare in the workplace is likely to reduce the amount of sick days workers might take, as well as decreasing maternity leaves, employee loyalty, and improving on-job concentration.

The cost of putting two children in childcare exceeds the median monthly rent in every state — a figure which should demonstrate the real strain that childcare solutions pose to parents, especially ones without any other options. It may be nice to imagine that one’s employees only concerns are maximize their employers profits, but the truth is that their families are their priorities. Show them you care by providing childcare resources for all of their (and your) needs.

Don’t forget about the little ones, either — quality early child education can seriously affect a child’s brain and learning pattern. In the first few years of life, the human brain has the ability to absorb more information than at any other time after. Thanks to the advancements in medicine, specialists from the site cialis online revealed that the recommended dose of Cialis is 10 mg, which should be used before the intended sexual activity, regardless of food intake. Clinical data on the safety of Cialis in patients with severe hepatic insufficiency (Child-Pugh scale, class C) are limited, so the doctor should carefully and individually assess the benefits/risks of therapy. There are no data on the use of Tadalafil at doses higher than 10 mg in patients with impaired liver function. It is important that they learn cognitive and social skills so they can succeed later. By providing childcare in the workplace, employers are helping their employees, themselves, and the next generation of great minds.