Schools for Those With Learning Disabilities

Schools for adhd

There are several schools out there for people diagnosed with learning disabilities. There are schools for dyslexia and schools for Aspergers Syndrome or AS. There can also be schools for ADHD. ADHD is diagnosed more often in boys than in girls. ADHD is the most common diagnosed behavioral disorder of children. It may run in families, but it is not clear what causes ADHD. It seems to be set in motion early on in life as the brain is developing, whatever the cause may be.

An Aspergers school can help those with Aspergers comfortably adapt to their surroundings in a very gentle environment, similar to that of schools for dyslexia. A school for Aspergers is run quite differently than your typical school. For example, they have teachers who have graduated with degrees in special education to work with students with disabilities. Classes are very different than those you see in regular schools. They focus a lot on relationships, communication, and proper behavior in public. They also teach the students how to live a comfortable life with their disability.

Similar to schools for dyslexia, schools for Asperger Syndrome overlap because they both are under the category of specific learning difficulties. People will Asperger Syndrome can have other disorders as well including dyslexia. Although some students with Aspergers might attend regular education classes, many students with AS utilize special education services due to their social and behavioral difficulties. Similar to those attending schools for dyslexia, those at schools for Asperger Syndrome show signs of difficulty with self care, disturbances in social and romantic relationships, as well as problems with organization.