Pick the Right Private School for Your Child with These 7 Tips

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You have looked at your options. You have weighed the benefits of private school vs. the drawbacks and decided that sending your child to a preparatory academy or private school is the best thing for them. That is great and al but now you have to pick the private preschool, private middle school or private high school that they will attend. You have many options.

  1. Consider hiring an expert to help. While it is true that it is easier than ever to research all of your private school options online and get raw data about the programs and the outcomes for the students who attend it. That data, as complete and helpful as it may be, does not give you all of the information you may need to make your decision for where you want to send your child. This is where a professional educational consultant can help.
  2. Ask your friends, family and colleagues .Do you have friends or family members who have sent their children to private school? What about your colleagues? The best way to find good products and services is through personal recommendations. Ask the people you know how they found the schools their kids attend and what they think of the experience? Do their kids go to boarding school or is the private school near by?
  3. Find schools that have the programs that most interest your kids. Bring your kids into the process of finding the right private school. There are different benefits of private school for each facility. If you have a budding tennis pro, you may want to find schools with the bets tennis coaches and facilities. The same goes for kids who are really interested in science, math, the arts or some other program. One of the benefits of private school is the ability to find programs tailored to the needs of your child.
  4. Research the different options. All schools today have their own websites. They should have video tours and photos of the different parts of the campus. Make s bookmark folder for your favorite schools. Do what you can to look at the sites and compare the pros and cons of each with your child. This can be a fun process. Pay attention to their response to the different programs that are offered at each school. Look at online reviews and the testimonials they have on their websites.
  5. Take a tour of the school. As you probably know, looking at schools online is not the same as going to see them. The experience of visiting schools is not just about the sights and sounds involved but the smells, taste and the feel as well. There is nothing that can replace the experience of going go the different schools, talking to the instructors and trying the food. If this is a boarding school, getting a feel for all of these things is really important. If you already send your kids to summer camp that is away from home, they may be used to living away from home for months but it is still really important to make sure they will be comfortable and happy at the school you select. Give them some say to make this easier.
  6. Prepare to be interviewed. Most private schools want to get to know you and your child before they admit them. This should not be a scary experience, though it can be. Do your homework and have questions of your own prepared for the school. This is just as much about you interviewing them as them interviewing you and your child.
  7. Prepare your child for any exams they may have to take. You have done your research into the different private schools so you know which have exams. You should take time to find someone to help your child prepare for the admissions tests they have to take. If the test makes them nervous, have them practice. That will give them confidence.

The start of your journey was the step you took when you looked at all of the benefits of private schools over public schools. Finding the best one can be easier if you follow these tips.