Are Corporate Daycare Programs Worth it?

Corporate daycare

Being a working parent can be very difficult and stressful. You have to decide when the right time to return to work after childbirth is. You have to decide if the cost of childcare during work hours is even worth keeping your full time job. You question the types of activities that your children will be doing during daycare. If the daycare program is too far from your work, who will drop them off and pick them up? What if your child gets sick or hurt at daycare? These are all common concerns of working parents who consider putting their children into a daycare program during work hours. In fact, all of these concerns can actually lower the productivity of a working parent employee. This is why many corporations have considered offering corporate daycare to their employees. There are many benefits when looking for corporate daycare.

According to the national statistics, more than 80% of kids spend some time in day care by age 4. It is common, as many parents need to continue working to make ends meet. Many are forced to take reduced pays that allow them to work around their children?s day care schedules. Others accept that they will make less, as much of their pay will go to the high costs of day care programs. Companies that offer corporate day care programs to their employees will see higher job satisfaction as a result of the increased pay. Smaller to medium sized corporations may help with the costs of daycare, taking some of the weight off of the parents. Employers usually subsidize the cost of the corporate childcare facility, helping parents to pay for the daycare services. Employees are not only satisfied, they also stay longer, which translates into cost savings for the company. Corporate daycare not only makes an employer more desirable to potential employees, it aids in the retention of current employees.

Parents looking for corporate daycare are more likely to choose a company that offers on site corporate childcare. The company is likely to attract more talent, which in turn can lead to more sales and more success of the company. Additionally, the employees are more productive, because they are not worrying about their children in a daycare far away. They know that their childcare at work is nearby, and they can even visit with their children during lunch and other breaks. Childcare and workplace productivity increases.

Parents also are more involved in their child?s daycare and education. They have the ability to meet with the teachers and to learn about the programs that their children will be exposed to. Most parents have a choosing a daycare checklist, that includes learning about the child?s curriculum. Activities for children in the workplace often are very similar to other daycares, the only difference is that the parents have the ability to be more involved. Parents who are more involved with their children?s daycare programs are more satisfied and less worried and stressed at work. They can ensure things like proper eating habits and any special requests are being addressed. A parent looking for corporate daycare is usually looking for the safety and the security guarantee of their children.

Being a parent is tough. You are constantly worried about your children. This can affect the productivity of your work, especially if you are forced to take your child to a daycare program. You might not have the ability to be involved with the program, because of your work schedule. This is why many parents are looking for corporate daycare. Parents who are able to utilize an on site daycare for their children are more satisfied with their companies, more productive at work from less worry and are able to be more involved in their children?s daycare programs.