Insurance Windshield Repair Claims

This video highlights whether the claims regarding Windshield repairs are true or not. You must watch the full video in order to find out the truth regarding insurance windshield repair shops.
Have you ever think about your insurance windshield repair shop, like when you went there with a broken windshield do you think they didn’t lie about the condition of your windshield.

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They have a manufacturer making the windshields all the time and when you go there with a damaged windshield, they try to mislead you. It’s like a fox guarding the hen house.
They will try to make as much profit as they can. They will falsify the facts and tell you that if you don’t replace your slightly broken windshield now it will cost you a hundred dollars extra within few days.
It doesn’t end here, they don’t just misguide you and make their profit out of it, they have a bigger agenda. When you agree to them and accept their advice of replacing the windshield they will replace it with a cheaper windshield. So that it gets damaged quickly and you come to them again. Don’t let them make you fool, always go to a trusted shop where you will be charged for the actual damage only.