How to Manage Mold After a Flood

In this video, you will learn about disaster cleanup. There are a few steps when cleaning up a house that has been flooded. This video will give you the quick steps to properly clean your home.

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First, turn off the electricity in the house. Next, wear PPE. MAsks are going to be the most important. N95 masks are going to be what you want at the basics. Where gloves, rubber boots, and clothes you can discard. Now that you are safe, make sure you document what happened to the house. You may need this for the insurance claim. Focus on the dirt line. You will want to take trash anything that got wet. IT is hard to dry these things. Your want to use a razor knife to cut caroet. If the flood boards are real wood, you might want to save these. If they are artificial, you can probably trash these. You want to throw things away if you do not dry them out as quickly as possible. Leave your studs because they can dry out. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more informtion.