How To Accommodate Children With Behavioral And Learning Disorders

Boarding school aspergers

If you’re considering the educational field, psychology and sociology are some of the most important fields of discipline you can learn. The most vulnerable to misinformation and social stigma are children, who are impressionable to the world around them and, as such, can easily rise above or fall behind if not properly accommodated. Education is a broad field that needs to encompass children of all shapes and sizes if it is to successfully prepare its students for the world ahead of them. Whether you’re a tutor working with children with dyslexia or a future teacher who needs to learn more about autism, a little knowledge goes a long way. Continue below to better prepare your lessons and assignments for students who need different, but no less valid, methods of learning.

Asperger’s Syndrome, The Autism Spectrum And Behavioral Disorders

The exact cause of Asperger Syndrome isn’t known as of today, but it was first recognized in 1981 and eventually received a standardized diagnosis in the 1990s. It exists on the autism spectrum and is characterized, though not solely defined by, difficulties with social interaction and repetitive behavioral patterns. It is not uncommon for children under the autism spectrum to be experiencing academic difficulties, which is due to the still developing standards of schooling environments. ADHD is a behavioral disorder that can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from biological to environmental to both, and affects as many as 5% of school aged children. Dyslexia can affect as much as 20% of the population.

What You Can Do

Everything from the schoolwork to the environment needs to be supportive and patient in order for neuroatypical children to not just pass, but thrive. It is also important to know that the field of mental health is ever-expanding and is not immune to misrepresentation or dated knowledge. For example, ADHD and autism was previously thought to occur more naturally in boys. Standards as such been updated to reflect the different learning patterns imposed upon girls sociologically. Create lessons and assignments that encourage naturalized challenges, such as reducing distractions for children with ADHD and assignments geared toward the personal interests of children with autism. There are also schools for ADHD and schools for dyslexia specifically geared toward different learning habits. Children are our future and deserve the best possible education we can give them.