American Corporations Offering Onsite Day Care in a Bid To Increase Employee Retention

Learning center for children

Although we may not realize it, American culture has changed a lot in the last 30 years. Our children grow up knowing that they can be anything: women can now run companies and men can now stay at home with their children. We all know that we need solutions for corporate childcare, and employers are more than happy to oblige. What our children do not realize, however, is that their parents and grandparents did not have access to such a wide array of options. There is an old comedy movie called “Working Girl.” The plot was ridiculous and extremely funny back in 1989. Audiences flocked to see it, and the movie grossed more than $100 million at the box office. What was the plot? A female secretary pretends that she’s the boss.

That premise was pretty funny in 1989, but people today would be shocked. We have experienced some profound social changes in this country in the last three decades. Women used to have four options for work: they could be a teacher, a secretary, a housewife, or a nurse. Female CEOs were rare, and “lady doctors” were even rarer. Young people today have access to the full spectrum of work options and feel empowered to demand more from their employers. They want paid time off and workplace-funded childcare. Business owners want to retain talented employees — both male and female — and while they are shifting more toward a remote workforce, they are also becoming more understanding of their employees’ needs regarding childcare.

If you are searching for childcare resources in order to get back to work, there are lists online that can help. Wondering how to find a good daycare? You can visit several before you decide, but you should look for a clean, attractive environment with age-appropriate toys and books. Daycare staff should be actively engaged with the children, and play areas should be childproofed. Childcare resources can help with referrals to daycares, and parents can talk to teachers about their program’s methodologies and goals. Children learn best through play: the average three year old child has twice as much brain activity as an adult. Their brains are constantly evolving as they learn to interact with a safe and caring environment.

You may be searching for childcare resources for older children. If you’re looking for a learning center for children who are school aged, you may want to see if your child’s school offers after-school care. Often, kids can do their homework and then play with their peers in a safe environment that is monitored by one of their teachers. Online childcare resources can help connect you with a program that will work well for you and your child. If you have to work in the evening or overnight, there are programs that will care for your child while you are away. As more parents work outside the home, the need for childcare grows at a steady pace. We live in an era where one income is not enough, so we look for programs that will support our children’s learning process.

We live in an era of possibilities: children can be inventors, mothers can be CEOs, and fathers can take excellent care of their children. Corporations are struggling with employee retention and are more likely to cater to men and women who need childcare in the workplace. Men and women can now explore their career options: female leaders and male caregivers are no longer laughing matters. American culture has shifted because millions of people wanted to do something different. Our children have no idea how far we have come or how much our country’s attitudes toward gender roles have changed, but this revolution shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. Millions of Americans report high levels of job satisfaction, and millions of children are inspired in turn by their parents’ success.