A Few College Degree Programs, Explained


Going to college is an important step to make in both your social and professional life. Ultimately, it opens doors to new educational opportunities you would not have had with a high school degree, but it also pays to go to university. In a survey, 83% of all college attendees say earning their degree has paid off, as Americans in 2013 with four year college degrees made 98% more an hour on average than those who didn’t have a degree. A 2012 Pew Research report states that those with a bachelor’s degree had a median salary of $45,500, compared to those with some college bringing in $30,000 and high school graduates making $28,000.

The hardest part of going to college is choosing what you should study. Here is a simple breakdown of some common degree programs.

Communications Degree

This is a major field of study focused on combining writing, speaking, and business. Some popular fields you can go into with this degree include journalism, music production, broadcasting, visual communications, and other multi media job opportunities.

English Degree

Student who study English focus on creative writing, journalism, grammar, writing, and literature. A degree in English is a great starting board for many different careers, including pre-law, political science/government, public administration, teaching, and religious studies.

Family Studies Degree

This study will prepare students with working with people for their career. Students take courses designed on understanding behavioral patterns and the best methods for treating them. Graduates can choose from many different paths for their jobs, including child and day care, family social service programs, mental health centers, and nursing homes.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

If you are not sure what career you want to pursue, then this may be the route for you. Interdisciplinary degree programs seek to combine broad perspective, knowledge, and skills into one program. This is especially beneficial for adult learners who want to combine many interests into a cohesive degree.

Psychology Degree

This degree studies the mind and its behaviors to better understand social and biological dynamics both for groups and individuals. Students who go this route can either gain a doctoral degree and become a psychologist, or they can join the healthcare, teaching, and business fields.

These are only a few options of degrees available. Talk with your university today about more options!