9 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Spanish Curriculum for Preschool

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, with over 21 countries having it as a national language. Teaching your child Spanish may secure unique benefits for them. Learning a second language may improve their cognitive abilities, especially in concept formation, multitasking, and problem-solving. It also enhances their social interaction skills through interpersonal connections.

With a wide array of Spanish curriculum options out there, you may require added information to guide you in choosing the right model. An excellent program integrates fun with learning allowing your child to hear and reproduce the sounds effectively. How do you select the best Spanish curriculum for preschool? Here are nine tips to guide you through the process:

Developed by Experts

A simple web search on ‘the best Spanish curriculum for preschool’ reveals thousands of options. Most of the programs are not regulated, and their standards are questionable. With no proper training on how to educate toddlers, the modules are not child-friendly. Experts should devise the curriculum you choose. Find out who wrote and updates the program. A comprehensive learning module will involve fundamental principles that help children learn Spanish naturally.

Cultural content

Integrating language learning with profound cultural aspects is vital in arousing a personal interest in learning the language. Cultural content embedded in the Spanish curriculum for preschools sparks curiosity in the learners. Immersion programs set real language targets for effective communication. Check if the lessons meet the threshold for intercultural standards for curriculums.


Preschool Spanish lessons ought to be fun. The assorted storybooks, songs, videos should be detailed enough. The activities should present a specific message to your kids that develop that understanding of the language. Choose a Spanish curriculum that is intuitive enough to keep the children engaged in the lesson. The fun experience will keep the child hooked through the repletion phase of learning.

Supplement Materials

While reading is a crucial part of education, it may be ineffective if used alone. An excellent kids’ Spanish curriculum has additional materials that enhance the learning experience. The different variety of songs, videos, and games spice up the teaching process. Cut out plaques and shapes improve the visualization during the lessons.


The adoption of technology in the Spanish curriculum for preschools will enhance the kids’ experience. Most curriculums have comprehensive apps and videos. These advances in technology allow kids to learn at any time through online resources. Watching a favorite cartoon movie in Spanish may help your kid develop their communication skills.

Approach to Grammar

The primary goal of any Spanish curriculum for kids is to prepare them for effective communication in the real world. It means less focus on grammatical concepts and verb conjugations. More attention should be on word association and meaningful language use. An all-encompassing program allows children to draw and describe objects and people. Organizing these language pieces improves their speaking abilities.

Adult Involvement

How well do you want to be engaged in the learning process? Most parents do not speak Spanish. A facilitating teacher in a Spanish preschool may present the learning in a more meaningful context. An adult needs to be involved for better leaning and understanding to occur. Make sure to schedule the lessons, have the right lesson plan, and tracking notebooks for the learners.


Your children who speak a second language can learn a third language faster. If Spanish is your choice for them as preschoolers, the language concepts should be appropriate for their age. The American Council on Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) recommends the use of achievable learning chunks that kids can relate with.


The ACTFL sets the rules on world language education in the nation. The experts ensure the curriculum released for use has an effective way to measure the learning process by your children. In your search for the right Spanish curriculum for preschools, you’ll need to ensure that the modules align with national standards for foreign language teaching among kids.

In Conclusion

You may have a lot of options to choose from for your kid’s Spanish curriculum. Search for programs that emphasize on communication over random grammatical concepts. Can anyone share their dosing used against genital herpes? All say it should be 500mg a day but during the whole year. On https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-valtrex-online/ they state also that it is need to be consumed 1000mg three days before sex. Can I increase the dose to make the effect faster? Or what if I will have spontaneous sex? You may find the right Spanish curriculum for preschool through the guidelines provided.