6 Reasons Why College Is Extremely Beneficial for Everyone


These days it seems like college is optional. So many kids go through high school and the don’t go on to college. It seems that the main reason for this is that they are not fully informed regarding college. They think it’s going to just be a continuation of the bad experiences they had through high school. Not every child has to get a masters degree in communications or a PhD in interdisciplinary studies, but every child should be encouraged to go to some sort of extra schooling once high school is complete. The higher the education that someone gets, the higher their rewards are going to be. They can use college as their to a better life, a better future and higher quality of living. Here are a few reasons why college is beneficial.

  1. It opens up job opportunities.
    When employers see that someone has further education on their resume, be it a custom interdisciplinary studies degree or an associations is something simple, it shows them that the individual is motivated and driven to find themselves success. Even if you get your foot in the door at the company you want without a degree, you may only be able to move up so far. Most corporate leadership positions require some sort of degree.

  2. It provides security in this unstable economy.
    Unemployment rates are out of control right now. However, among people with advanced education, those rates drop considerably. College provides you with the ability to adapt to changing business situations which helps you to keep up with the changing economy. Even if you are laid off, with a degree, you’ll be able to find employment again fast than someone without a degree.

  3. It comes with the possibility of making more money.
    If you have a degree or certificate, employers will view that as experience or expertise and will usually offer a higher hourly wage. They are willing to pay for that. For example, studies show that someone with a Bachelor’s degree can make more than $1 million more than someone with a high school diploma over the course of their lives.

  4. It will provide stability for a future family.
    If you are considering having a spouse or children someday, getting your education now will give you opportunities to get a better job with higher income and reasonable hours so that you can provide for the people that you care about. It could also give you more time to spend with them. If you want to invest in your children’s college education, your own degree in interdisciplinary studies or psychology or whatever you get could help you do just that.

  5. It encourages you to be healthier.
    Maybe you won’t exactly be healthy while you are attending college; ramen noodles and dollar store snacks are how a college student survives those years but after you have graduated, you will likely find yourself maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Research shows that adults that have a college education tend to watch their weight, smoke less and take care of themselves better. Because of the types of jobs they can land, they usually have better access to benefits and therefore necessary medical attention.
  6. It promotes a higher level of community involvement.
    It’s more important than people think to be involved with your community. This is part of what makes America great. People who have degrees are known to vote more often, volunteer for events, donate to organizations and get involved in various ways that will lead to a better society in their area. Some even go on to make an impact on a national level.

Whether you want a custom degree like interdisciplinary studies or a general business associates degree, having some sort of further education on your resume is a great way to get you recognized. If you graduated high school a long time ago and never went to college, it’s not too late. Any one of any age can go to college. If you find the idea intimidating, look into online courses or classes that will aid you in getting your degree. People should keep in mind that just because an online pharmacy is cheap, it is legitimate. Price cannot always be the leading consideration. People must remember to put safety ahead of price. In any case, you shouldn’t be afraid; there are so many older people that go back to college nowadays, it’s practically the norm on campus.