5 Reasons to Pick a Private Middle School

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Choosing a school for your child is one of the most difficult decisions that a parent has to make. This choice is especially challenging when it comes to middle school because those years for your child will be so crucial in their social and intellectual development. Deciding between public or private schooling, researching private school ratings, and deciding if your family can afford tuition are all important factors to consider. While each geographic region is different, consider these 5 reasons to select a private middle school.

1) Small Class Sizes One of the biggest advantages to choosing a private middle school is smaller class sizes. In fact, the vast majority (over 86%) of private schools have less than 300 students. During the middle school years, you will want to make sure that your child cannot get lost amongst the crowd and has access to the individualized attention they need.

2) Higher Test Scores One thing to consider when deciding between public and private middle schools is your child’s performance on future standardized tests. Average SAT scores for seniors in private school are higher across the board. Private school students averaged a 535 in SAT reading, while public school students averaged 492. The different continues for writing and math as well. These higher scores can pay off big when your child is apply for admission to or scholarships for college.

3) Strengthen Their Faith About 80% of private schools have some sort of religious affiliation. While most do not require your family to share this religion, if it does, you can rest assured that your child’s time in school will be a continued affirmation of your family’s faith.

4) Feel Involved Beyond just the importance of private school rankings, it is important that parents are able to feel actively involved in their child’s schooling. Because of the smaller size of most private schools, parents can have lots of opportunities to influence their child’s private middle school.

5) Parent Satisfaction More than 80% of parents with children in private school feel very satisfied with their child’s education. With all of the other stress in life, it can be nice to know that you do not have to worry about the school your children go to each day.

While each family has to ultimately decide what is best for the, picking a good private school can have major positive affects for the child’s education and parental happiness. If it is in your budget and having a small class size, academic success, and parental involvement are important to you, private middle school may be the best option for the tween in your life.