3 Reasons You Should Get Your Undergrad Degree

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If you don’t think it pays to have your undergraduate degree, think again. Here are a few facts that’ll change your mind.

Graduates earn more money. – Chances are you’re well aware of the fact that those who have a degree earn more money than those who don’t have one, but do you know how much more? A 2012 Pew Research Report found that workesr who had at least their bachelor’s degree had median annual earnings of $45,500. That’s a whole lot more than what those who had only some college earned ($30,000) and those who only had their high school diploma ($28,000).

Finding a job is easier. – Finding work isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be, but there are jobs out there. The trouble is that those who are hiring are more likely to hire people who have a college education than those who don’t. In 2013, 89% — nearly nine in 10 — college-educated Millennials worked full time. That same year, people with college degrees had a 5.2% unemployment rate, which was well below the 7.2% national unemployment rate.

Hard work pays off. – School is harder for some people than others. That is totally understandable and is one of the reasons why many avoid pursuing secondary education. The previously mentioned salary figures may seem pretty awesome, but some may doubt that they’re worth the time, money, and effort it takes to get a degree. However, hard work pays off. The overwhelming majority (89%) of college attendees have said that earning their college degree “paid off.”

The point here is clear: getting your undergraduate degree is a good idea. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get an English degree or a business degree, you’ll be able to earn more money, find a job more easily, and be more likely to get hired. There’s a reason why college attendees have said that their hard work paid off, after all.

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