3 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a Spanish Curriculum for Kids

Preschool spanish lessons

While math and science are obviously vital to a child’s education, many people underestimate how important languages are as well. Even though many other countries are taught to speak English as a second language, it is still not the most widely spoken native language around the globe.

In fact, Spanish has long been and still holds that title. According to census reports, Spanish is technically the second-most spoken language in the world. However, with 387 million native speakers, there are more people on earth who speak Spanish as their first language than English. Those who are able to speak Spanish have endless opportunities in a number of countries.

So what makes a Spanish curriculum for kids so beneficial? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Early Development: During the early development stage of a child’s life, they are far more apt to pickup skills that they can improve overtime. So the earlier you introduce kids to a foreign language the better. Before the age of 10 is ideal, but before the age of five if possible is even more beneficial. A preschool Spanish curriculum for kids can help them begin to hone these skills at such a young age.
  2. Opportunities: Currently jobs have been more difficult to find in the United States. The ability to speak Spanish can open many doors by allowing a person to seek out jobs in foreign countries. Anywhere from South America to Europe can offer plenty of opportunities to those fluent in Spanish. Even if only working there for a short amount of time, it is great experience to put on a resume for future jobs.
  3. Higher wages: This bonus goes hand in hand with the previous one. Not only are bilingual employees able to perform more duties, but knowing a second language makes them appear as more of a hard worker. In fact, bilingual employees have been proven to earn an average of up to 20% more per hour than their monolingual counterparts.

Whether it be an elementary school Spanish curriculum for kids, or classes in Spanish for preschoolers, getting a child started in learning a second language can be extremely beneficial for their future. For more information see this. Get more here.