Do You Send Your Children to a Private School?

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No matter where you stand on the results of the latest Presidential election, one thing is certain. Education is a hot topic. As President-elect Trump appoints a Secretary of Education who is known for her strong history of private schools and vouchers systems, many are anxious to see what the next four years will bring. It is almost certain, in fact, that discussions about the drawbacks and benefits of private schools will be topics that are of interest to many. for many people, the main benefits of private schools are that parents can provide a rigorous, safe, and nurturing environment for their children.
Many Parents Feel That Benefits of Private Schools Include a Rigorous Curriculum
We live in a competitive world. As American students struggle to keep up with the academic strengths of some of the leading countries in the nation, many families make getting the very best education for their children a priority. From private elementary schools to private middle schools to private high schools some parents understand that you simply cannot be concerned about price when it comes to the education of youth.
The fact that small class sizes with student-to-teacher ratios of 12:1 at college preparatory schools many of these schools are able to help students make their way through a very rigorous curriculum. From math and science classes to covering the importance of reading important pieces of literature and focusing on the value of writing, the benefits of private schools can make a difference for students who are trying to get into the top colleges in the country. Taught by 60% to 80% of private school teachers who have an advanced degree, these schools can get students ready for the challenge of college.
Private Schools Pride Themselves in Offering a Safe Environment
Students cannot learn if they are scared. Although many public schools struggle to make students and parents feel safe about their large learning environments, many parents feel that a small private school can offer a safer, more controlled environment. Private school students are normally required to wear school uniforms so students feel safe from the alarming clothing choices that some students make in public school settings. The fact that private schools are able to quickly suspend students who make dangerous choices at school is another factor that makes parents feel that their children are safer at a private school setting.
The fact that 87% of private schools have fewer than 300 students means that it is easier for administrators and teachers to know each and every student in their building. Knowing the students in a building translates into the adults being able to more closely monitor behavior and unexpected changes. Knowing the students and the families in a school can make most people feel more safe. Being a private school that is able to set its own rules and consequences can also mean that when there are students putting classmates in danger, they can be more quickly expelled.
Private School Settings Can be Nurturing Environments
It is impossible for public school teachers who see hundreds of students a day to have a personal relationship with all of their students. In addition ton providing rigorous classes and a safe environment, private schools with smaller teacher to student ratios can also provide a nurturing environment. The teen years are a developmental time when students can be very vulnerable. In order to be successful, in fact, students at this age need to have nurturing environments that allow them to challenge themselves and to have the confidence to take the most challenging classes.
It is important to provide students the best opportunity to be successful. Even though it is tempting at times to take the easier classes, the greatest achievements in high school are made if students challenge themselves to take the most rigorous classes they can handle. School environments that provide nurturing adults can encourage students to make the greatest academic strides.
In a time when the nation is waiting to see what the new President and his recommended Secretary of Education will mean, many parents across the country hope 2017 will be the beginning of a government trend that will be more supportive of private school education.