Private Schools The First Choice for Many College-Bound Students

Whether you are looking for elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools, you can find a private school that offers just what your child needs. Private middle schools offer a number of important resources and generally have highly experienced teachers who understand the age-appropriate teaching of middle-school kids. To find a middle school, you can check the business listings for your area or find a list of the private schools in your area. These lists are often offered by local real estate websites.

If you want your child to go to a private school, you may already know that they can be expensive. To find affordable private middle schools near me can be tough, but many private schools offer scholarships to students who can’t pay the full tuition. You can also go with an online private school to keep costs lower. There are also affordable online high school courses that your child can take. When you look at private schools in your area, don’t forget to check for online schools. These give you the best of both worlds with your child taught the material by teachers but the ability to stay at home while learning from those teachers.

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There are a growing number of educational options available. As a result, many families are choosing top private schools for their children. Private school enrollment has been steadily increasing due to a variety of reasons, and one of these is that the children who attend these schools are demonstrating greater academic achievement.

Currently, according to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE), there are 33,619 private schools operating in the United States. These schools serve pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, and have an enrollment of 5.4 million students.

Given the total number of schools in the United States,, 25% of these are private and enroll ten percent of the nation’s pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade students, according to CAPE. It is interesting to note that larger cities tend to have higher private school enrollments. Recent figures show that private schools in large cities have almost 1.5 times the enrollment rate that public schools have within the same areas.

Early education programs are making a significant difference when children enter kindergarten. When three separate studies were reviewed, it was found that 80% of the children who attended high-quality early education preschool programs outperformed children who did not attend these types of programs.

There were 4,428,000 three-to-four-year-old children attending preschool from 2011-to-2013. It’s been shown that when these children reached kindergarten, they performed better in both math and reading than those kindergarteners that didn’t attend preschool. When tested, these children also performed 21% higher on both math and reading tests.

A large percentage, approximately 79%, of private schools are religiously affiliated, according to CAPE. Most private schools tend to be small, and 87% of these religiously affiliated schools also have less than 300 students enrolled.

The benefits of private school education appear to make a significant difference on high school Scholastic Achievement Scores (SAT) as well. The class of 2014’s SAT scores, according to CAPE, made an impact on the national average.

The mean scores for public school seniors:

    Reading: 492
    Writing: 478
    Math: 501

The mean scores for independent school seniors:

    Reading: 535
    Writing: 542
    Math: 580

The mean scores for religious school seniors:

    Writing: 527
    Math: 537

When students earn higher SAT scores, they have a greater chance of being accepted into the college or university of their choice. Furthermore, more of these students actually apply to college as a result of their higher scores.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more private high school students are applying to college. It’s been found that 88% of private high school students apply when compared to 57% of public high school students.

When children attend private schools from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, it appears that they have a stronger academic foundation than those students who do not. It’s possible, however, for children to transfer from a public to a private school at different grades.