College Admissions Committees Look for Demonstrated Leadership and Initiative

Preparatory academy

Any college preparatory academy, private high school, or magnet school has to prepare its students for life after graduation. The development of consistent study habits and the ability to express one’s thoughts in writing are both skills that can allow students to excel in summer gifted programs and in their chosen careers.

There are a variety of summer programs available that can help motivated students enhance their chances of being accepted to the college of their choice.Student athletes may choose to participate in summer sports camps and fall skills clinics outside of school in order to enhance the likelihood that they will be recruited for a sports scholarship. Serious athletes who also maintain a high grade point average are more likely to be considered for certain college scholarships, admissions experts report.

Private school guidance counselors may also be able to recommend students with excellent grades and leadership potential for selective admission to summer programs at highly competitive universities. Offered for free or for a low cost, on-campus summer programs can allow students to be noticed and prioritized by college admissions staff well in advance of the college application process.

Every school library should have college and summer study resources available for students; engaging in conversations with guidance counselors and performing online inquiries about available programs is highly recommended for students who wish to secure admission to competitive summer enrichment programs. Some athletic, musical, and academic programs require an interview or an audition: students are advised to apply well in advance of the summer recess.

Nationally, private high schoolers consistently outperform their public school peers. Parents cite smaller class sizes, enhanced safety protocols, and academic rigor as compelling reasons to send their children to private schools. Students who become adept at setting academic priorities and who display initiative regarding summer programs or internships may find themselves in a better position to stand out in a competitive college admissions field.

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