Why Early Childhood Education Is The Best For Your Child

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Education is the cornerstone to human existence and is proven to be true in this new millennial “information age” in which we have embarked. Think about it, civilization is getting smarter with the turn of each new century. Do you want to know why? Early childhood education. Your child holds the key to a more advanced society and this is all the more poignant the earlier he or she begins learning. As a matter of fact, childrens education in the early years is proven to raise their chances of not only getting accepted into college but graduating. This expresses the age old adage that a childs mind is like a sponge. Even further, studies indicate that a total of 14, 142 kindergartners who received early education scored higher on their pre reading and math scores than other kindergartners who did not have the opportunity.

Which Preschools are Best?

Not all schools are created equal. A child enrolled in a preschool with an academic curriculum in place is more likely to improve motor skills, language, and memory at a faster rate than one who is simply being “babysit”. The curriculum must consist of a wide range of activities both indoor and outdoor thus increasing a child’s thirst for knowledge because they were able to associate learning with fun early on. Basically, any pre kindergarten or preschool that covers language, math concepts as well as number, shape, and letter recognition in a creative and engaging way is the most effective. For example Kindercare and KLA which have proven themselves to be the best preschool in Coconut Creek solely because they, and others similar in nature, have gone over and beyond to educate young children in interesting ways.

What About The Price?

Although you can not put a price on a childs education, the reality of this world is that any form of additional education may cost a pretty penny. The very idea that daycare, private schools, and additional educational programs, in some cases, may cost more than a monthly mortgage note has sparked nationwide debate. As a country we have certainly put a high price on something as pertinent as early education. There are some government funded programs that can assist parents who express a desire to enroll their children but are strained financially.

The truth of the matter is 2 out of 3 four year olds are enrolled in pre kindergarten. This means that children are learning social, emotional, and mental skills that will not only prepare them for grade school but advance them for life. Now that is a future worth looking towards. What do you think?