What Are International Baccalaureate Programs?

People between the ages of three and 19 are full of curiosity and are highly impressionable. International baccalaureate programs enable teachers to help students become inquisitive lifelong learners. With more than one million students participating in these programs annually, they are wide-reaching.

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Four programs focus on 10 core values that help each student become a critical thinker passionate about cultures around the world.

International baccalaureate programs mold children into people who care about the world they live in. These programs are demanding but offer ample support and opportunities for students and their families. Their focus on healthy relationships benefits a student’s family first and then filters out into the world to create a positive aura around the student.

One of the hallmarks of the international program is that it focuses on helping students to create a more peaceful world through effective communication, ethical behavior, and critical appreciation for all cultures across the globe. Students learn how to balance their own needs with the needs of others through resourcefulness and thoughtfulness. These lifelong lessons benefit the students and the world around them.