Universal Firearm Safety Rules

The video talks about firearm safety and some steps people should take to ensure that they follow proper safety protocol.

The first tip for firearm safety is for the gun owner to always assume the gun is loaded and know the gun’s condition. Fewer incidents will occur if the person assumes the gun is loaded at all times. It’s also wise to let shells drop instead of trying to catch them when checking the gun. This prevents the user from accidentally pointing the gun at someone else while making the movement to catch the shell.

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The second tip is always to keep the gun in the holster when not in use. The slides should be to the rear anytime a gun is not in its holster and is not in use. Another recommendation is to use firearm DLC to lower the friction between the components that slide.

Keeping one’s finger off the trigger until he or she has made a solid decision to shoot is another safety tip. The wrong jerking movement can cause the gun to go off unexpectedly if the person does not handle the gun in that manner. More tips regarding gun safety are available in the video for interested parties.