Top 3 Things That Make a Child Care Center Excellent

If you’re thinking about sending your child to a child care center like daycare, a summer camp, or local preschool, chances are there are multiple question floating through your head. For example, you might be wondering, “how old can a child be for daycare?”

It is very common to be wondering about these kinds of questions, especially as a parent about to put their child into a child care program for the first time. If you are wondering about what makes a good child care center stand out from the rest, these are the top five things you should be looking for.

1. They have strict health and safety standards

As a parent or guardian, one of your top concerns is your child’s safety. It is important to ask question to the staff of the child care organizations regarding their health and safety standards. In some states, such as New York, child care centers must be licensed and meet strict health and safety standards. This can include hand washing protocol, safe sleeping, and how to give the children any required medication. It is important that you ask about the child care center’s health and safety standards and getting a copy of any kind of literature regarding them.

2. The environment is age appropriate

Another important aspect of choosing a great child care center is knowing that the environment in which your child will be in is age appropriate. If you are wondering about questions like “how old can a child be for daycare?” then it shows it is important to you that your child is in an environment in which they will feel comfortable that is appropriate for them. You don’t want your child to be mixed in with children who are much older than them but you also don’t wan them to be with children who are too young. You want them to feel comfortable.

3. A challenging curriculum

The last thing you will want to think about when looking for a child care center is a curriculum that helps your child learn and develop. This can be learning how to read and write, recognize colors and numbers, and learn appropriate social skills.

Thinking about questions like “how old can a child be for daycare?” or “what will my child learn when they are in daycare?” are normal questions for parents to ask when deciding on a child care center for their own child. Choosing where you will enroll your child is a big decision and it can take some time to make a choice. Thinking about these three factors when choosing summer programs or preschool preparation can help.

What factors do you think about when choosing a child care center for your child? Let us know in the comments below!