Three Tips on Studying for the LSAT

Test prep review

Remember the days when you used to dread taking the SAT’s? You may think that the SAT’s were the last time you would ever have to think about SAT test preparation, test prep review classes, and long hours of taking sample SAT tests, but you could be wrong.

If you want to pursue your education further and earn a master’s degree, you will have to study yet again for a standardized test. This test will be the GRE, and you will likely need to go through the same preparation for the exam as you did in high school for the SAT.

But what could be even more taxing is becoming a lawyer, which requires taking the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test. This test is reportedly much harder, and you’ll have to spend more time in test prep review.

Here are a few tips to get you ready for the big day.

  • Logic. It’s no big surprise that the LSAT will have several passages to read, and that you will have to decipher what is logically being said. In fact, the test is full of reading and subsequent questions that test your ability to logically come to conclusions. You have to master the art of reading highly complicated text, and be able to give an answer based on contextual clues that may not be all that obvious. So, test your logic skills on a regular basis and practice reading a lot, very fast.
  • Classes. Yup, you’ll have to get back to the classroom to really get a grasp on how the test works. LSAT test prep classes will be taught by people who have scored well on the exam, and will be able to give you valuable test taking tips. You will learn how to break down each section, look for key words and phrases, and also how to narrow down your answer options to a manageable few.
  • Practice, and Some More Practice. In LSAT test prep classes you will get plenty of chances to take sample tests, but you must do this on your own as well to truly become adept at the LSAT. The best thing to do would be to buy an entire book of LSAT practice tests, and keep taking them over and over again in a real-time setting. This way, when exam day comes, you will feel confident.

There’s no such thing as enough LSAT prep — keep practicing, attending LSAT test prep classes, and reviewing the test as long as you can. It will be your best chance at scoring high on the exam.