Taking a GED Alternative Route on Your Path To Success How It Can Improve Your Life

According to the website, DoSomething.org, a high school graduate will earn $200,000 more than a high school dropout.

Those numbers are quite shocking and dramatic.

$200,000 can make all the difference and drastically improve someone’s quality of life.

So this raises the question. Why would a young student drop out of high school?

There are many reasons why an individual chooses to drop out of high school. Whether it’s family obligation, choice, boredom, or stress, it may seem like the right decision for them at the moment.

However, the above statistic proves that there is good money to be made out there for a hardworking individual with a good education.

If you are considering advancing your education, a GED is a good option, however, it won’t always count as a formal completion of your high school education when applying for certain jobs.

There is a certain GED alternative, however, that will keep you on track and improve your life and earning potential.

If you are curious how this public school alternative can keep you on track and what benefits you can reap from formally completing your high school education, continue on reading.

But what’s a good GED Alternative?: Alternative Programs for High School Dropouts

North Central Florida Public Charter School is a recovery and prevention program in Gainesville, Florida designed to help high school students formally complete their education. The school provides an accelerated, individualized curriculum that some students may find beneficial when there are roadblocks in their way, preventing them from graduating. Without the hassle of going through traditional and lengthy high school coursework, they can achieve their goals in a shorter amount of time.

Those $200,000 just got a little bit closer.

The Benefits of A Completed Education

So now that you are aware that there is a GED alternative, it’s imperative you know the benefits of putting the time an effort in to complete your education.

A wider range of jobs will be available to you

The job field is limited for high school dropouts. Career paths are limited to the following jobs:

  • construction worker
  • cosmotologist
  • a manager in the fast-food industry
  • an at-home aide for seniors and individuals who have disabilities
  • You’ll receive higher pay

    As stated by DoSomething.org, a dropout will earn $200,000 less than someone who graduated high school. If you’re able to put the work in now, it will be worth it in the longrun.

    Employers will find you more valuable

    Your resume will stand out more, and employers will take note of your initaiative and tenacity.

    You’ll have a higher chance of upward mobility

    Humans naturally want to grow and develop their skills. But, it’s impossible to do just that when you’re stuck working a job with no possibility of upward mobility.

    High school completion can open doors to an interest in a technical trade or more schooling

    Perhaps completing your schooling will inspire you to take on a trade you’re passionate about. After all, they say if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.


    Though students drop out of high school for a variety of reasons—whether it’s stress or family issues—it doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. One that could potentially stick with them for the rest of their lives.

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    A completed education can completely change your career, open doors for you, and set you on the right track towards the life you have always dreamed of.