Read This if You’re a Parent of a Child With Asperger Syndrome

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Having a child is an absolute blessing, but it can be a difficult learning process if you have a child with special needs. You must teach your child the ways of the world while you’re still learning yourself, and it can be hard to bridge gaps. However, we have some tips for parents who may be struggling to help the child with Asperger Syndrome. You can do it with a little help, so read on for some advice!

  • Teach your child appropriate social conduct. Help them learn conversation openers so they can integrate themselves with other children their age. Also help them learn social cues and appropriate responses through short stories. Common habits of children with Asperger Syndrome are lack of eye contact and a tendency to be literal-minded. Teach the importance of eye contact early and help them learn usage of metaphors and figures of speech!
  • Teach them observation. Your child can learn so much by watching what other children are doing. Guide them so they can start doing it on their own.
  • Make sure as you are teaching your child, you consistently find natural ways to praise them. If they say something very considerate, tell them so.
  • Be a model for expression. You need to teach your child how to express their thoughts and feelings, so model this by telling them about your day in a way that utilizes those phrases.
  • If you have a teen with Asperger Syndrome and find yourself in an argument, the best course of action is to negotiate. Often, it isn’t anger or attitude that drives your child to argue, it is legitimate confusion.
  • If your family or your child will be going through any kind of transition, give them as much warning as possible and explain the repercussions of the transition so that they are prepared.
  • Highlight your child’s strengths. Work on weaknesses, but don’t actively point them out, otherwise they may lead to a meltdown.
  • Speaking of meltdowns, often children with Asperger Syndrome have many emotions and are unable to express them. This can lead to a “meltdown.” These can happen in response to everything from traumatic events to the smallest provocation.
  • If you feel that your child is out of control or that you are not the best teacher, schools for adhd and schools for dyslexia are becoming more common, and you can find a school for aspergers for your child. Many children with aspergers attend regular education, however due to social and behavioral issues, there are also many who use special education. There is nothing wrong with getting your child the help they deserve!
  • While the exact cause of AS is unknown, the right treatment targets core symptoms such as poor communication skills and obsessive or repetitive routines. With this treatment, up to 20% of children no longer meet the criteria to be diagnosed with AS by the time they are adults. An aspergers school or even schools for adhd can be helpful in your child’s journey. Boarding schools for adhd are also great options.

    So now we turn the conversation to you: how do you help you child? Are they in special education? Give us your advice, comments or thoughts in the comments below!