How to Do a Maintenance Check on an Irrigation System

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Irrigation services provide sprinkler systems for homes and yard that need proper hydration to be healthy. Water prices continue to rise, however, and there are more restrictions put into place by municipalities to conserve water. Uneven irrigation can also result in standing pools that are bad for yard health.

This video explains how to conduct a proper maintenance on irrigation systems to make sure they’re working well.

The tools you will need are a notepad to keep track of measurements and the locations of various sprinkler heads. You will need flags to mark the sprinklers and a measuring tape to see how far away the sprinkler heads are. Additionally, you will need a pressure gage, stop watch or phone timer, small catchment cans with millimeter increments.

Turn on the sprinkler system and see if any of the sprinkler heads need repairs. It’s important to get the repairs done before you proceed with the inspection. Once you make sure everything is working as it should, put your catchments into place in a grid formation on the yard.

For more information on irrigation maintenance and audits, check out the video in the link above.