Here are 3 Reasons Why Preschool is the Best Time to Include Spanish Lessons

Many parents make the decision to send their children to preschool in order to give them a jumpstart on their education. Preschool isn’t required, but it can provide distinct advantages depending on what is included in the curriculum. If the choice is available, consider enrolling your child in a preschool program that offers Spanish for preschools. The idea of preschool Spanish curriculum lessons might seem absurd, but actually preschool is an ideal time for your child to begin Spanish lessons if the option is available. This article will be taking a look at several reasons why your child should begin learning Spanish in preschool.

  • Language Skills Come Easy at This Age: The first reason you should enroll your child in a place that offers Spanish for preschools is because language skills come easy to children at this age. For the first eight years of their lives, children are naturally acquiring language skills. They learn primarily through imitation, repetition, songs and games, which are all activities and teaching tools that can be found in a preschool environment. In effect, you can have your child learn a new language without realizing it, because all they’ll remember are the fun games and songs.
  • It’ll Make Future Learning Easier: Another reason to enroll your child in a place that offers Spanish for preschools is because it will make future learning easier for your child. Studies have shown that children who speak a 2nd language can learn a 3rd language faster. This is partially due to the fact that their brain is already programmed to think in more than one language, so adding a third language, especially one related to Spanish, like French for example, wouldn’t be that difficult.
  • Spanish is Ideal Because it is a Common Language: And finally, a third reason to have your child begin learning Spanish in preschool is because Spanish is a common language, and therefore very useful to know. If English is one of the most common languages in the world today, Spanish isn’t far behind, as Spanish is the official language of 21 countries worldwide, many of which are home to fun travel destinations. If you’re planning on traveling to Spanish-speaking areas in the future, then you’ll want to start your child on learning this language as soon as possible, which makes preschool the ideal place to begin.

In conclusion, there are several reasons to have your child begin to learn Spanish in preschool. These reasons include: language skills come easy at this age, it’ll aid in future learning, and Spanish is an ideal language to start with because it is relatively common. These are just a few of the reasons to keep in mind when looking at preschools that offer a Spanish curriculum.