Guide to Following a Home Detox Program

Detoxing at home can be challenging; this is true because one goes through difficult withdrawal symptoms during an alcohol detox. Nonetheless, detoxing at home is possible with a comprehensive home detox program. As mentioned in the YouTube video, some patients tend to do well in the comfort of their own homes. With proper support at home, you don’t require a hospital stay to detox.

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It’s important to note that detoxing at home doesn’t mean that you’re on your own. A person following a home detox program will still need to maintain regular contact with a health care provider. The patient may be given medication to help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

If you opt to detox at home, you must do so safely. Here are some factors that you need to consider:

1. Remove alcohol from your home: This helps you avoid the temptations when your cravings start.

2. Clear your schedule: It will help you focus on your recovery.

3. Get support: It’s best if you have a family member or friend to keep you safe during the recovery process, especially if the withdrawal symptoms become severe.

Detox treatment is the first step toward recovery from alcohol addiction. A home detox program can take between four and 11 days. Although some people may try to discourage you from entering a program, it’s a safe way to detox from alcohol.